How to Fix Your Predecessors Mistakes and Avoid Getting Burned by Leadership for it

QuestionsCategory: OpinionHow to Fix Your Predecessors Mistakes and Avoid Getting Burned by Leadership for it
AFLeader Staff asked 5 years ago

There is never a good time to fix past wrongs. And while most in the military follow the practice of hide-and-forget till a PCS, this is a poor practice that forces your successors to accept the blame for your shortcomings.

How often have you assumed a new position only to quickly realize that the basic duties were neglected and ignored?

If you correctly identified and initiated steps to eliminate future occurrences, how many of you have come to realize that the pressure from leadership is on you now like an ant under a magnifying glass with the clouds slowly revealing the sun. Is this right? Should your strong work ethic affect how your performance is perceived, and could this attitude prevent you from identifying other instances of oversight that need attention.

My argument is that yes, if a microscope is continually brought to bear on you each time you identify and attempt to correct an oversight from before your tour, that there will come a point where you will quit doing such.

There is also the fallacy of your predecessor receiving awards, recognition, and even a decoration for actions you now have to fix. This is in their records forever, but now you have to compete for the same.

Thoughts? Am I the only one, or have you too had to balance the line of fixing your predecessors mistakes while staying under the leadership radar to avoid oversight and increased accountability (i.e. briefs and updates).



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